Common Mistakes Made while distributing your music and How to avoid them?

As an aspiring musician or independent artist, distributing your music is an important step in raising your profile and reaching your audience. However, there are common mistakes artists often make during the music distribution process. Here are some of music distribution mistakes and tips on how to avoid them: Not researching and choosing the right […]

Independent Music Distribution

independent music distribution

Are you an Artist or a Record Label looking to Release and Promote your Music Worldwide ? DroomMusic is an Artist and Record Labels’ Focused DIY Music Distribution Platform. It  believes in professionalism and consistency in providing the existing, upcoming and independent musicians an opportunity to become a brand ; globally with a unique perspective […]

Music Rights and Royalty

music and royalty

Introduction : The process of Music Distribution is driving the Growth of Music Industry. Majorly, it’s broad casting genres of music created by Artists and Record Labels around the world at a fraction of Time and Modest Capital. According to the forecasts the number of streaming subscribers will be remarkable across the biggest global digital […]

Digital Music Distribution – It Sounds like the Best Deal for New Artist !

Digital Music Distribution

Digital Music Distribution on India’s Leading Music Distribution Platform “DroomMusic.” Digital Music Distribution is a massive wave in the music industry. It has a definite effect on your music and your career as an artist. Putting the algorithms forward – Digital Music Distribution can be the game-changer for your desired success in the current Musical […]

Music Distribution In India

music distribution in india

Music Distribution Services in India Music has been able to take part in every element of life from the beginning of humankind. Following a succession of technical advances from audio recordings, music has become an instrument customized by coming out of the multitude, which individuals may always carry and enjoy. Moreover, music was composed and […]

DIY Your Musical Career With DroomMusic

DIY Your Musical Career With Droommusic

In many different ways, our lives and experiences have been modified by the fast popularisation of Internet technology, beginning at the end of the century – and the broad prevalence of mobiles, which accompanied.  How individuals listen to music has been among the developments, which resulted in a transformation in the music business. With digital […]

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