Digital Music Distribution – It Sounds like the Best Deal for New Artist !

Digital Music Distribution

Digital Music Distribution on India’s Leading Music Distribution Platform “DroomMusic.”

Digital Music Distribution is a massive wave in the music industry. It has a definite effect on your music and your career as an artist. Putting the algorithms forward – Digital Music Distribution can be the game-changer for your desired success in the current Musical Era. From planning, implementing a Strategy, Playlist Push to Promotions, Digital Music Distribution levels up the rank and plugs profitable operations behind your release.

In the World of Streaming, What’s the best way to combine your efforts and reach your audience twice? As Physical Distribution is out of scope, Digital Distribution now claims to be the broadest and the most flexible process for every musician out there. An Artist scales up the worldwide Music Market by Syncing Opportunities. To Evolve as an Artist, one needs to find where musical preferences align with personalized makings.

DroomMusic is India’s Leading Music Distribution (DIY) Platform; With Master Rights and Ownership to Music Publishing, Music Management, Music Marketing, Promoting your Music and Streaming Presence, it gets the ball rolling with your first release itself. DroomMusic also offers recurring royalties, connecting music lovers of various genres and getting through the radar to support up-and-coming artists & record labels and links a bridge between Reach-Royalty-Recognition and gets the Streamlined Visibility they are looking for.

Ease the Music Monetization and Distribution with DroomMusic – Designed to Simplify your Life.

Music Rights and Royalty in Music Distribution

The process of Music Distribution is driving the Growth of the Music Industry. Majorly, it broadcasts genres of music created by Artists and Record Labels around the world at a fraction of Time and Modest Capital. According to the forecasts the number of streaming subscribers will be remarkable across the biggest global digital music stores in the forthcoming times. But at the same time, Do you have an idea how you will own the Master Rights and Earnings and maintain full control with continued and unchanged challenges? 


DroomMusic identifies your music and recognizes the importance of ownership. Its web-based processes and plans enable an efficient administration of rights, and royalties to minimize legal risk, ensure copyright compliance, and maximize revenue opportunities. The dashboard is customized to secure fulfillment of legal requirements and the integrated performance analytics, stream counts and revenue reports. With systematic support and experts it is now easier to access performance and payout records that determine the copyrights based on the content distributed and choose deals and services powering your music distribution.  

Therefore, Feel free to use DroomMusic for your Music Distribution. Professionals at DroomMusic are keen to guide you through your Success Story. Now Manage, Sell and Monetize your Music Effortlessly. 

Independent Music Distribution For Artists

Are you an Artist or a Record Label looking to Release and Promote your Music Worldwide ? DroomMusic is an Artist and Record Labels’ Focused DIY Music Distribution Platform. It  believes in professionalism and consistency in providing the existing, upcoming and independent musicians an opportunity to become a brand ; globally with a unique perspective of music.

In the world of digital music distribution, it offers an Independent quality distribution service where the users have total ownership over the distribution process. Primarily centering on mastering music marketing and music publishing, it has compiled the best plans and strategies for your music distribution requirements, around the globe, across all genres. 

With new developments dropping daily, it certainly covers each and every aspect of popular music distribution and looks forward to improving upon developing and new marketing needs. The end goal is to bring ahead the giant streaming numbers, beneficial placement on the music platforms, dedicated objective solutions, unique royalty allocations, global recognition & ownership to rule the game. 

Rigorously scrutinizing the scope of services, royalties and key features of distribution,

The web system consists of customized plans with a one time fee and premium offers for Artists that frequently release their content in bulk on a larger scale.

In the world’s largest digital distribution network, where the independent artist sector is growing at a pace, Lead your music & achieve success in this exciting and diverse industry. DroomMusic will help you get there.

In the Digital Streaming Era, getting discovered is grueling. The entry of the automated music distribution services and sites has modified the process and now people around the world use multiple platforms to let the listeners know about their creative self.

But, What is the main aspect for artists striving to make it big ? It’s Earning Royalties and Recognition worldwide.

DroomMusic plays an important role to satisfy all of your distribution needs.