DIY Your Musical Career With DroomMusic

In many different ways, our lives and experiences have been modified by the fast popularisation of Internet technology, beginning at the end of the century – and the broad prevalence of mobiles, which accompanied. 

How individuals listen to music has been among the developments, which resulted in a transformation in the music business.

With digital download and streaming gone easy and convenient, independent artists and bands may use these platforms without the need for traditional record labelling systems. In this article, we will look at a platform to do just that.

DIY Your Musical Career With Droommusic

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What Is DroomMusic?

DroomMusic is a convenient, quick and really straightforward distribution solution. It is a distribution platform for digital music, and is established in 2021. They work from Mumbai to assist musicians get their tracks released globally. 

Here, the music will be distributed to a large number of stores online and all royalties and music rights will be maintained with the musicians only. Each single/album you upload is indeed applicable for a one-off payment. The pricing is therefore, subject to your choice. Further, DroomMusic delivers your music to a wide range of 150 + digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Shazam, Spotify and others.

DroomMusic offers a variety of record-labeling services, including social media, PR, and playlists for independent artists, and not just simply basic music distribution services.

What To Expect

DroomMusic Distribution services

DroomMusic is the feature - rich solution for an independent distribution of music. They give nearly every service that you may require as an independent musician that publishes music worldwide and at a very affordable price. 

However, it may be quite a challenge to get your music out for the whole globe. You could have heard that the music industry involves establishing relationships and since you are greatly entitled to know people who can influence the public, it will be a great bonus.

As more musicians find means of independently releasing their music, the distribution location in the formula is also likely to incline towards transition.

Pricing Plans

For DroomMusic's numerous services, there are varied fees, therefore let's look at those operating costs. Droom Music offers two alternatives for subscription plans: the label component and the artist wrapper. The package for artists is for bands or individual artists exclusively. The pricing of this globally well - known Indian firm is very accessible, however the price may vary depending on the chosen package.

Artist package Single - ₹499 per year

Artist package Album - ₹1499 per year 

Why Choose DroomMusic?


DroomMusic has arrived as a comprehensive wrapped package of surprise. It is the closest buddy and a wonderful companion for every artist. It is an organization that works hard to offer outstanding music distribution services to its clients and assists artists to make use of their music and to expand their fanbase.

Taking music from your computer to a distributor, this corporation will provide you an opportunity to distribute music through platforms such as Apple Music, spotify, and others. 

So if you are too willing to get your tracks out for maximum reach, royalties & global recognition, then DroomMusic is your dream destination!!

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