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Wynk Music distribution is a platform that allows independent artists and labels to distribute their music to various digital platforms, including Wynk Music, one of India’s leading music streaming platforms. By using Wynk Music distribution, independent artists and labels can make their music available to millions of users on Wynk Music and other platforms such as JioSaavn, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and more.

Wynk Music distribution is free for artists and labels, but there may be fees associated with certain services such as mastering or promotional tools. Artists and labels can sign up for Wynk Music distribution by visiting the Wynk Music for Artists website and submitting their details, including information about themselves or their label, their music, and their release.

Once the music is uploaded, Wynk Music distribution will handle the distribution process and collect royalties for the artist or label based on the number of streams or downloads on each platform. The royalties will then be paid out to the artist or label through their chosen payment method.

Overall, Wynk Music distribution provides independent artists and labels with a powerful tool for getting their music heard by millions of users on various digital platforms, and it offers a straightforward and convenient way to manage the distribution process and collect royalties.


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