Independent Music Distribution

independent music distribution

Login | SignUp Login | SignUp Are you an Artist or a Record Label looking to Release and Promote your Music Worldwide ? DroomMusic is an Artist and Record Labels’ Focused DIY Music Distribution Platform. It  believes in professionalism and consistency in providing the existing, upcoming and independent musicians an opportunity to become a brand […]

Music Rights and Royalty

music and royalty

Login | SignUp Login | SignUp Introduction : The process of Music Distribution is driving the Growth of Music Industry. Majorly, it’s broad casting genres of music created by Artists and Record Labels around the world at a fraction of Time and Modest Capital. According to the forecasts the number of streaming subscribers will be […]

Digital Music Distribution – It Sounds like the Best Deal !

Digital Music Distribution

Login | SignUp Login | SignUp Digital Music Distribution on India’s Leading Music Distribution Platform “DroomMusic.”    Digital Music Distribution is a massive wave in the music industry. It has a definite effect on your music and your career as an artist. Putting the algorithms forward – Digital Music Distribution can be the game-changer for […]

Why Is It Necessary For Every Artist To Establish a Music Video framework?

Why Is It Necessary For Every Artist To Establish a Music Video framework

Login | SignUp Login | SignUp A music video is a valuable tool for promoting new music.  Music videos are traditionally a substantial expense and an essential ingredient of nearly any album rollout. If your video becomes widespread, it can have a considerable influence on the effectiveness of your melody, album, or, indeed, your entire […]

Music Distribution In India

music distribution in india

Login | SignUp Login | SignUp Music Distribution Services in India Music has been able to take part in every element of life from the beginning of humankind. Following a succession of technical advances from audio recordings, music has become an instrument customized by coming out of the multitude, which individuals may always carry and […]

DIY Your Musical Career With DroomMusic

DIY Your Musical Career With Droommusic

Login | SignUp Login | SignUp In many different ways, our lives and experiences have been modified by the fast popularisation of Internet technology, beginning at the end of the century – and the broad prevalence of mobiles, which accompanied.  How individuals listen to music has been among the developments, which resulted in a transformation […]